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The Tower
Product Series: Ruin Trilogy
Publication Date : 6/11/2013
Publisher : HarperCollins
Language : eng
ISBN : 9780062225924
Synopsis : After the risecomes the fallWhen a cyber-attack at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland disables the Hubble telescope and the Nobel Prize–winning scientist in charge disappears, the only clues left behind are a cryptic countdown clock and a chilling message displayed on the missing man's computer: Mankind Must Look No Further. Newly appointed FBI agent Joe Shepherd, a former academic star with degrees in astrophysics and computer science, is uniquely qualified to handle the investigation, but he is also hiding some secrets of his own. He discovers a note in the missing scientist's handwriting that reads "end of days" and further evidence linking the cyber-attack to a series of strange events from eight months earlier—an explosion at the Citadel, an ancient monastery in Turkey; the deadly viral outbreak that occurred in its wake; and the disappearance of an American journalist named Liv Adamsen and ex–special forces operative Gabriel Mann.Liv has been trapped in the
File Size : 2.03 MB
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Audience : General Adult

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Toyne wraps up his Sanctus trilogy (after Sanctus, 2011, and The Key, 2012), and the first thing readers familiar with...

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