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Camelot's Court : Inside the Kennedy White House
Publication Date : 10/8/2013
Publisher : HarperCollins
Language : ENG
ISBN : 9780062065865
Synopsis : Fifty years after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, presidential historian Robert Dallek, whom The New York Times calls “Kennedy’s leading biographer,” delivers a riveting new portrait of this president and his inner circle of advisors—their rivalries, personality clashes, and political battles. In Camelot’s Court, Dallek analyzes the brain trust whose contributions to the successes and failures of Kennedy’s administration—including the Bay of Pigs, civil rights, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Vie
File Size : 4.54 MB
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Audience : General Adult

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On a tragic anniversary, remembering the life and death of JFK Fifty years after gunshots rang out in Dallas’ Dealey...

Choice Magazine

John F. Kennedy's best biographer sheds fresh light on the leading national security challenges of his presidency....

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