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Guests on Earth
Publication Date : 10/15/2013
Publisher : Workman Pub Co
Language : ENG
ISBN : 9781616203467
Synopsis : “Reading Lee Smith ranks among the great pleasures of American fiction . . . Gives evidence again of the grace and insight that distinguish her work.” —Robert Stone, author ofDeath of the Black-Haired GirlIt’s 1936 when orphaned thirteen-year-old Evalina Toussaint is admitted to Highland Hospital, a mental institution in Asheville, North Carolina, known for its innovative treatments for nervous disorders and addictions. Taken under the wing of the hospital’s most notable patien
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Audience : General Adult

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Industry Reviews:


Abandoned as a child upon her mother's death in New Orleans in the 1930s, Evalina is sent to Highland Hospital in...


Remembering tales of troubled souls It is hard to imagine a more irresistible plot: an orphaned heroine whose mother...

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